The Tiki Shack!

Every summer in SUU, the Tiki Shack starts selling delicious snowcones to the citizens of Cedar City, Utah. Now, I’ve had snowcones before, but the Tiki Shack is absolutely FULL of unique options for your snowcone, from things as simple as ice cream in the bottom of your snowcone to options as crazy as a dill pickle flavored snowcones. There is something here for everyone.

I tried a Raspberry Cheesecake Hawaiian snowcone my first time and it was really good.  I tried several different flavors as I went there and they were all delicious.

Sadly though, The Tiki Shack closed once the summer was over. On the last night of being open though, they gave out free snowcones for an hour. A big group was found there trying new, unique flavors while they still had the chance.

My friends and I had a blast going there several times during the first few weeks of school and I’m already looking forward to when they open next summer.

*The Tiki Shack is not endorsed by TBirdNation- I just really enjoy it. 🙂


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