The Day We Went Hunting for Dinosaurs

I have lived one of Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House stories. 4th graders eat your heart out! My team of explorers and I went on a real quest to prove that dinosaurs once roamed the earth.

There is a legend in Iron County about dinosaurs. Big man eating dinosaurs once roamed the county. They left the county after an epic battle between them and a comet (or aliens). But, they left their tracks about 15 miles outside of Cedar City. So my friends and I jumped in the car to find those tracks. It was a semi-stormy day, which created the perfect atmosphere for an adventure into the wild in search of dinosaurs.

We knew we were getting close to the dinosaurs when we hit a local hot spot the Parowan Gap. Here we stumbled upon rather curious markings on rocks. No one is quite sure what exactly they were writing about on the rocks, but scholars guess the “Zipper Glyph” is a calendar of some sorts. Calendar of the dinosaurs? Who knows. My philosophy: they were telling future explorers where the dinosaur tracks were.

The Zipper Glyph

Unfortunately, no one I was wish speaks “Pictures Drawn on Rocks.” So, we had to set out on our own with no instructions.

So, we looked.

And looked.

The dinosaur tracks were no where to be found. The adventure was not a loss! I did gain great insight into where the dinosaur tracks are not. They are not on the left side of the road where there is a four-wheeler trail. They are especially not on the top of that hill the trail leads to or by an big rocks in that area.

But they are somewhere out there.

Dear Dinosaurs,

I will find you in part 2 of this adventure.




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