Athletic Training

 Right now I am working on getting my bachelor’s in Athletic Training, and this semester I am currently taking an Athletic Training Sports Medicine class. Along with this class, I have a lab where we go into the training room in the J. L. Sorenson P.E. building and get to learn the proper way to wrap and tape ankles and wrists.

Last Tuesday, we started on learning how to properly wrap an ankle. My professor Ben Davidson first demonstrated the proper way to do it. Then he had us pair up and practice on a partner. My partner’s name is Karlie ( kinda funny we have the same name). For both of us we knew this was going to be a semi difficult task because we both kind of have an issue with feet. We both don’t like to touch other people’s feet and we don’t like other people to touch our feet. It all ended up being ok and we were able to get through the lab without any problems.

Ben Davidson

I think that it is so cool that we get to learn the proper way to wrap ankles. In a couple weeks will we have mastered the ankle wrap, and we will start taping ankles. I am very excited about this and am glad that I get the opportunity to have hands on experiences in the field that I am studying, and its a lot of fun 🙂

Here is a video of Matt Jepson wrapping his brother Scott Jepson’s Ankle

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