I watched a triathlon on Saturday for the first time in my life. Three sporting events in one race? Yes, it was pretty entertaining.

The swimming portion came first. At 8 a.m., with the safety kayakers out in the water, the triathletes took off for a lap around the lake.

See that formation?

Than came the biking. This portion was 10.1 miles.

As soon as most the bikes were out my friend and I decided to head back to the lake to watch the last swimmers come out. And that is when probably the most dramatic part of the race happened.

We were talking with some of the kayakers when a man came running over from the bike station in panic. He yelled something like this out to the kayakers, “We have an extra bike, go out and look for a body!”

All the kayakers went back out and it was silent.

10 minutes later the man came back letting us know they figured out where that lost biker was. And then we were all relieved.

We headed back to the biking station and the first bikers were starting to come back in. One man was so focused he didn’t even bother to take his helmet off, he just started running.

The running portion was 3.1 miles.

This man was the winner.

Such a thrilling race, and I’m basically way impressed by all triathletes now.

You can head over here for more information on the Color Country Triathlon. Triathletes are tough. I think a triathlon would be a quality bucket list item. If there was a tennis, biking and frisbee version I would love that. I really just have no swimming skills, so a legitimate triathlon would just be a bad joke for me.


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