SUU Watermelon Bust

Hello again!

This past week I had the chance to go to the SUU Watermelon Bust. I  had no idea what it was when I heard about it (besides the fact there was free watermelon), but it was a really fun community activity put on by SUU. The SUU football team, cheer squad, SUUSA, and Power91 were all found helping out with the activities. They had football drills, free balloons, and carnival games for all of the kids there along with many other activities for everyone else.It was a really great afternoon. Here are a few more things that were going on.

The Thunderbird football season is just starting here at SUU and the football team was found giving out free posters and signing them for everyone there.

Free watermelon and Pizza Hut pizza! There’s been so much free food lately! It’s pretty awesome!

Thor was found roaming around the watermelon bust getting pictures with kids and doing his part in all of the activities.

Kids were found shooting basketballs, throwing baseballs at milk bottles, and playing a lot of fun games.

As you can see, it was a blast. A lot of the local community came to help out and take part in the activities and it was definitely a success. Having a college experience that is able to make an impact on the community is a great bonus to going to college in a small town.

Three cheers for SUU!


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