Maybe it’s not so bad.

Hi again. I’m a communication major and two weeks ago I found out I’m graduating in April. I don’t know if I’m ready to enter the “real world” yet.

The mere thought of having a career immediately sets in my mind an image of a mid-thirties Cheri in a tweed pantsuit, sitting in a cubicle somewhere with glasses falling down my nose and hair pulled back in a bun. A bit dramatic, I know. Maybe I should have gone into acting.

Back to the point of this post — one of the required classes for all communication students is Communication Research. I’ve been dreading it, which is why I haven’t taken it in the previous four semesters. This semester was THE one. The time had come. The two years I’d been fearing had all led up to this point…this class… And guess what?

I don’t think I’ll hate it.

The teacher is funny and enthusiastic about research. It is almost....contagious? One of my favorite quotes thus far from Professor Stein is, “If you think research is boring, YOU’RE boring!”

That is key. Sure, I wouldn’t want to do a study about baseball players who eat their veggies and how it affects their game (cause I don’t care that much about sports), but if I can think of a research question regarding social media, I’m in!

I might not want to make research my lifelong addiction, but I will certainly be glad if I don’t want to pull my hair out because of it either (I’ll need it to pull back into a bun someday in the near future, right?).

So, take a class from Dr. Kevin Stein when you get a chance.


One thought on “Maybe it’s not so bad.

  1. Someone sent me the link to your blog. I must say I’m incredibly flattered. I hope you are saying the same things at the END of the semester. Also, let me know if I can do anything to help you during the semester. I don’t want this to be scary for you at all!

    Kevin a.k.a Dr. Stein

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