Clubbin at the Club Fair

Hello again. So this past week was Welcome Week, and there were a lot of different activites that were going on everyday. I had the opportunity to go to the club fair and not only check out clubs but also let people know about BSU a club that I am apart of. I probably should explain what BSU is so you all understand. BSU is the Black Student Union, and to clarify you do not have to be black to join. This year I am the VP and am on the path to being Pres next year 🙂

BSU is know for throwing the Hottest dances on campus. We put on an annual Step Show every yearand we bring crews from Vegas and Salt Lake City. We also have a huge after party with all the crews, this past year we had two dj’s. We do pot lucks, service projects, and just have fun together.

When I got to the club fair I got the opportunity to check BSU in and get our table set up. At the check in Thor was there (our Mascot),  all of SUUSA (our student government), and all the club Presidents.

Near the BSU table was the boys Rugby club. They started to talk to a couple of us about playing rugby. My friend Jensine and I thought about it, then we found out we wouldn’t get to play with the boys, we would be playing with the girls. At first we were a bit disappointed but then we decided to go and sign up and talk to them about the club. The rugby club team practices about four days a week and they travel for games on the weekend and play against other University club teams.

All in all this was a way fun experience. I got to see all of the clubs and sign up for a few. I also got to help get people interested in BSU.

Also check out this video that the Jumbo tron club made of the club fair

If video doesn’t appear use this link –

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