funny people.

Last year as part of Welcome Week Comedian Jeff Dye came, and he was hilarious. So I was pretty stoked about another comedian coming to our campus for Welcome Week.

Tracy Ashley came and she was funny. The ballroom was filled before the show even started; overflow was sitting on the floor. I had an awkward side angle, but it was still good.  I died a bit over her Oprah impressions, she sounded just like her. And I really appreciated this: “I wish they’d put Myspace and Facebook together and just call it MyFace,” yeah I loved that.

The students who opened for her were great too, pretty stoked we have a comedian club on campus, can’t wait for them to start having events. I love hilarious people.

After the show as I was leaving campus I was reminded of one of my favorite things about the Sharwan Smith Center and that would be this:

Maybe this restroom is just classier than the rest?

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