Party Rock (Anthem)

Remember that dance party I was craving? SUUSA certainly curbed my appetite with their 80’s Dance Party down inside “The Cave” on Saturday night. Without the doubt, it was thee best dance I have been in my 4 years at SUU. This might surprise you, but I am not actually a gangster. So, I don’t really use thug lingo a lot, but that dance was off da hizzle. DJ Marcus Wing  told us that even though Weber State had 3000 people and University of Utah had 4000 people at their dances this past week, the 2000 that showed up to our dance were by far the most fun.

Here is a little timeline of my night:

8:45 PM

Those Ray Bans are REAL, not fake like the other 500 people who had them on. Copy cats. Why yes, those pants are also yellow and part spandex.

My friends are cool, right?

9:00 PM

Yeah, my friends and I were the first ones at the dance.

10:00 PM

3 more hours to go.

11:00 PM

I think you could say the party exploded around 11:00. Madonna, The B-52s, Van Halen, and Eurythmics had the whole place popping.

12:00 AM

At this moment, Party Rock Anthem is blaring.

1:00 AM

Although there were only a few hundred people left at the dance at 1 AM, they were the true party rockers.

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