My summer Krave Adventure!

Hello There!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a Sophomore  at SUU in Cedar City, UT, and I am very excited to be a student blogger on So for my first post I will talk about what I did this summer.
 I thought it would be cool to tell you all about my fun summer Krave adventure. Now for those of you who dont know what Krave is, it is a place that started in St. George and is now in Cedar City and sells self server frozen yogurt!
At the St. George Krave they have a competition to see who can pile on the most frozen yogurt and have it weigh the most, once that is acheived they get their picture taken and it is displayed for everyone to see. Then when someone beats it they put the old picture on the wall and display the new one by the register. The record in St. George right now is over 100 ounces, so my friends Ashely, Vannessa and I decided that we wanted to set the record in Cedar City.
46.4 oz
It was so much fun to be able to do this this summer. Our 46.4 oz cost about $20.00 but was definitely worth it. So far with the couple times that I have been to Krave my picture still isnt up yet but it should be soon. Man Vannessa Ashely and I love our Cake Batter creation!
Vannessa and I enjoying our Cake Batter creation while Ashely takes a picture 🙂

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