The Summer of Beyonce’

Hi friends,

My name is Sam, and I’m a SUU Thunderbird. I will be a student blogger on for the next school year, and I think it is easy to explain who I am if I just tell you about my summer.

Rarely does a pop culture icon influence one’s life as much as Beyonce’ did mine during summer 2011. You see, I have a little secret. I know the Single Ladies Dance, and I made the mistake of performing it at a talent show on June 30th. Yes, it certainly was a mistake because I broke my foot during the dance.  Watch and see (2:18 is the magical moment)…

Beyonce’ forced me to spend 6 weeks on crutches and gliding around in a wheelchair, but I refused to let my immobility limit the amount of fun I was going to have during my last summer before entering the working world.

Wednesday nights my friends would play Olympics tennis, and I joined in on the fun.

I found out that wheelchairs make for a rather unique couples figure skating combo.

My family came down to the 50th Anniversary of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

I did a little grocery shopping the local Wal-Mart.

And then, I turned 21.

I became fully able again on August 8th and have been craving for a dance party.

I moved into my new apartment this week to start my senior year at Southern Utah University. Super stoked.


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